The “San Felipe Cancer Society”, was founded in 2006 by Freda Barber and Michele MacDonald.  They gained support from the “Rotary Club of San Felipe”, the San Felipe “Club Las Amigas” and the “San Felipe Association of Retired Persons” and together the San Felipe Cancer Society was built.

The purpose of the Society is to provide cancer “early detection” services to the underserved population of San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico.

The first community event was the San Felipe Cancer Walk, held in March, 20, 2006, and it was off and running.

February 20, 2016, the 10th  Annual San Felipe Cancer Walk will be held.  The event will a fun, energetic short walk followed by a fiesta on the Malacoñ.  We heard a rumor that Elvis may be coming

A Brief History

The Rotary Club of Concord - Clayton Valley, California  coordinated with the John Muir Hospital of San Jose, California, for the donation of a mammogram machine.

The mamo machine went into service in May 2009 at our new Cancer Early Detection and Education Center and with the assistance of the State of Baja Health Department it is now a digital machine.

With the opening of the “Center for Cancer Detection and Education” in 2009, the “San Felipe Caminata Contra el Cancer A.C.”, a Mexican non-profit Civil Association was formed. The “Caminata” operates the Early Detection Center with an Administrator, Registered Nurse, one of the best Doctors in San Felipe and the all-important X-Ray Technician.e your paragraph here.