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The San Felipe Early Detection and Education Center is grateful for the generous support from may individuals, organizations like Rotary Clubs.  The Rotary Club of San Felipe has been one of our backbone community supporters.  The Rotary Club of Concord / Clayton Valley Sunrise donated a General Electric Mammogram Machine, a grant for an ultrasound machine and significant financial support.  The Rotary Club of Calgary, British Columbia, Canada, provided a grant to remodel our Center to a usable, medical facility.  The Rotary Clubs of Tacoma, and San Juan Island, WA; and the Rotary Club of Eagle River, WI for the support in providing help in providing mammogram services.Clubs.  

The people of San Felipe, the San Felipe Cancer Society, the Caminata Contra del Cancer de San Felipe and the Cancer Detection Clinic and Center thank all of you.


Prior to the start of the Cancer Foundation and its Early Detection Clinic, early detection services in San Felipe were not generally available.  The Center now receives ………… patients per month.  

Services include:
•             Pap tests
•             Mammograms
•             Complete physical
•             Diabetes testing
•             PSA blood testing
•             Home visits
•             Coordination with other health care agencies for the provision of treatment services

•             Assisting patients with transportation for treatments
•             Education in cancer awareness, detection and prevention
•             Payment for advanced testing when necessary

Through a gift from the Rotary Cub of Eagle river Wisconsin, we are able to provide supplemental nutrition to patients undergoing chemo therapy.

Mimi, our Certified Mamo Tech with the digitised mammo machine donated by the Rotary Club of Concord / Clayton Valley, California.

little or The San Felipe Cancer Foundation was founded in San Felipe, Baja California, Mexico in 2006 by two American cancer survivors, Freda Barber and Michele MacDonald. 

The mission of the Foundation is to bring cancer, early detection services to an under-served  community.


With lots of community support, especially from several U.S. Rotary Clubs, the Society has grown to become an integral part of the non-governmental health care system in San Felipe.  

San Felipe is a small Mexican fishing village.  The population consisting of Mexican and North Americans, is approximately 25,000 persons.  It is located 125 miles from any other metropolitan population or major medical facility.  The primary health services are government provided. 

Our center is open to all people of San Felipe, local Mexican and North American "Ex-Pats" and visitors.  Services are provided at little or no cost.  The Clinic operates strictly on your donations

Reception Area

Judy and Mimi

Reception Desk

The clinic building has been made available on a long term use agreement by the Mexicali Chamber of Commerce.   The formal name of the donor is "CANACO", or SERVITUR Mexicali, San Felipe Chapter.